Bystander Initiative | Stephanie Locke
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Stephanie Locke

Stephanie Locke



The best part of the bystander course was the well-rounded experience it gave me.  The course provides a theoretical/academic background for the material, which was transferable to so much of the work I was doing at the University.  It also offers hands on experience in public speaking, teaching, and handling difficult conversations.  The knowledge and experience that you gain from this course will be useful as you continue through school, and it will be so valuable as you move into your career, but the best part is that you can whip this stuff out in social settings and really help to enforce a more positive, open, and understanding culture on campus and in the community!


Taking these courses prepared me for my future by giving me the confidence to confront ideas and attitudes that contribute to creating an environment that allows for sexual violence to be tolerated and carried out.  The confidence that I have gained is useful in so many areas of life.  I find myself taking more chances, opening up more conversations with people I otherwise might not have engaged with, and speaking up not only for myself, but for others too.


Other students should take these courses because, well, why not? They offer a really unique experience, a chance to meet some amazing like-minded folks, an opportunity to grow in your studies and in your career, and a chance to make a difference on campus and in our community.  No matter what your major is, whether it’s related to social justice or not, you will benefit from the bystander courses.  The people skills alone will follow you through your career and make you more marketable.  And hey, if you end up helping someone along the way, all the better!!