Bystander Initiative | BI at UWindsor
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BI at UWindsor

Empowering Student Bystanders


Join the Bystander Revolution


Learn how to stop a sexual assault before it happens.


The Bystander Initiative offers sexual assault prevention workshops for students. Workshop participants learn why it’s important to speak out against social norms that support sexual assault and coercion, how to recognize and safely interrupt situations that could lead to sexual assault, and ways to be an effective and supportive ally to someone who has experienced sexual assault.


When you see a situation that could lead to sexual assault:

  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for improving the situation
  • PRACTICE safe intervention strategies
  • OFFER SUPPORT to survivors of sexual assault


The 3-hour Bringing in the Bystander® workshop has a proven record of increasing participants’ knowledge about sexual assault and their willingness to take action on behalf of friends or acquaintances.


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The Bystander Initiative also offers two undergraduate courses. In Practical Strategies for Social Change, you learn where and when sexual assault is likely to happen, how to challenge commonly held myths about rape and rape survivors, and ways to overcome the emotional and social barriers that stop people from stepping in to help others in situations that can lead to sexual assault.


In the second course, Practicum in Social Change, you deepen your knowledge of sexual assault prevention, facilitate small group discussions, and lead BITB® workshops for other students.


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